Viral Sales 2.0

by @MrFredSpears

Double Your Money By Reselling

Product Reselling:

Purchase one of our random daily downloads to put it up for resale at double the cost, you will receive your money directly at point of sale.

Step by Step Example:
1: Purchase an instant download.
2: Your item will relist for double.
3: All customers receive the same offers, direct payments are made at point of sale.

The reselling process is 100% optional, you can either download your product instantly (BY NOT LOGGING IN) OR keep it in the system to be resold at 2X (MUST BE LOGGED IN).

3rd Party Advertisers:

During the sales process 3rd party ads and popups may be shown to all customers, the income generated from these advertisements ensures longevity of our website.

Premium Ad Placement

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